Fowler Technology Services, a division of Donco Electrical Construction LLC, is a woman-owned and operated technology firm with proven strengths in phone systems, network servicesvoice and data services, mobility solutions, and security and surveillance solutions.

Our customers are small businesses with fewer than 10 employees and large corporations with thousands of workers. We understand better than most: every company is different. From the very beginning our process revolves around extensive direct consultation. The solutions we develop are as unique as your company.

Fowler Technology Services works with local electrical contractors, architects and engineers. As a division of Donco, we also have in-house commercial, industrial and utility electrical construction capabilities, engineering, and project management services. Our integration gives customers the option to work with a single highly-coordinated team for the design, construction and maintenance of their complete electrical and communications infrastructure. The efficiencies we create reduce the expense of coordinating multiple firms.

Whether you require a phone system, a fast Internet pipe, cabling for a new building or security and surveillance solutions, Fowler Technology Services is ready to work for you.