Solutions & Invoice Analyses

Fowler Technology Services delivers custom solutions for businesses. We do not favor one vendor over another or one product over another. Your needs—and the value proposition for your business—determine the custom solution we recommend for you.

Solutions Analysis

We are authorized solution providers for some of the largest carriers in the network services and communications industry. Our strategic service provider relationships, specialized knowledge, and tremendous experience allow us to identify and integrate the products to enable your business and save you money. This can take place in response to a specific business need or change, through meetings and discussions with our communications professionals, or in conjunction with the bill analysis described below.

Invoice Analysis

Analyzing communications bills is tedious at best. Invoices can stretch to thousands of difficult-to-decipher-pages. Service charges, taxes, and fees are broken down in ways than can be confusing—even to professionals. So how can you know if your business is being billed the correct contractual amount, or if your current solution is the most cost effective option?

Fowler Technology Services analyzes recent business phone service, mobility and network services bills from any carrier. We review rates, fees, unclear charges, usage overruns/underruns, and billing errors, and compare the existing solutions with the current most cost-effective offerings. We share our analysis and recommendations at no cost or obligation. We are confident you will want to partner with Fowler Technology Services for the savings we can deliver as well as for the exceptionally high level of service we offer to our business customers.

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